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By: GoodAndBadBusiness | November 5, 2015

They were supposed to come every 2 weeks, but didn't show up the second time.
They promised to send 2 cleaning ladies the third time and again didn't show up.

When I called to express concern, before I could finish literally 2-3 words,
the person on the line, who didn't identify herself, was barking "NO" at me,
telling me I was wrong, and put me on hold.

After my multiple attempts to speak a brief sentence, the person kept barking
at me so I couldn't speak at all. The person then claimed she was right and fixing things,
(by her saying NO NO NO over top of me). I finally argued back the same
way they had been talking to me "NO NO NO". Then the person said I was not permitted
to say the same thing or to repeat myself, that THEY were to talk, then the person
began a constant stream of talk against me.

In fact, she never allowed me to say a full sentence at all, but simply over...


Incredible service

By: MarianneRose | October 14, 2015

Just had two installers come and install carpet on parents' stairs in Scarborough. They arrived on time, were neat, organized and did a fantastic job. Only 1 1/4 hours to rip out old and install new. Carpet feels great to walk on and looks so nice. We were impressed with total service. Would recommend to others for sure. Thank-you Joseph and colleagues for a job well done!!

BAD Store, bad management! Stay away!

By: frenchgirl | August 21, 2015

These people don't pay their contractors. We did several jobs for them, where the customers were super happy. One even wrote a letter saying how happy they were with their floor. Unfortunately, this place must be going under, because it took MONTHS to get paid, and even then they didn't pay fully! Always an excuse like: oh, our secretary is on holidays…Oh, we'll send a cheque right away….oh, I'll make sure the money goes out today. etc…etc… Stay away from that store, is my advised. Very unethical and very dishonest!

We had an excellent experience with...

By: rrichmond353 | August 5, 2015

We had an excellent experience with Duke and his team. We had shopped around for prices on carpet, and Duke offered by far the fairest deal. He also struck us as far more trustworthy than any other carpet salesman we had met. We were so impressed with him during our consultation that we decided to consider him for our hardwood installation as well, and he also offered the fairest deal on that. Both the carpet and hardwood installers did an excellent job and finished the work quickly, efficiently, and with great results. We couldn't be more pleased and would highly recommend Duke and his team to anyone. You won't find better value for money anywhere... trust me, we looked!

Quick, Professional Great Results

By: lynneJ76 | May 11, 2015

So my tenants needed new carpet due to a flood . They needed their carpets replaced ASAP obviously , well I searched online and Bucks County Carpet is one of the first places that comes up and they have really great reviews so I decided to call . I spoke with the sales manager and she was able to come out the same day to take a look and measure. After she measured and gave me an estimate, I couldn't believe it! They have a GREAT sale going on right now and I couldn't of gotten a better deal with better carpet from any other place. I gave her a deposit and she ordered it . They were calling to schedule the install about a week later. So not only did I get a great deal but I got into the schedule for installation in less than 2 weeks . Needless to say , my tenants were very happy. They said the installers did a great job , they were friendly and professional , and got the install done in a day . They love their new carpet and I love that this company was able to help me out the way they did by getting it done so quick , being so professional, having great prices and great quality product. I'll be calling back to get my other properties done! Thanks again Bucks County Carpet you's were Great!

Efficient and friendly crew

By: bettybrown10 | October 24, 2014

I hired Superior Events to organize my fiancé's surprise birthday party. They have an excellent crew who are professional and efficient. The crew arrived early at the party venue and made sure everything was perfect.
Their staff is easygoing and friendly and always keeps a positive attitude. They made sure that everyone had a good time. With Superior Events I was able to enjoy the party without any worries. I would recommend Superior events to anyone wanting a organized and entertaining party.

terrible staff and installers

By: non-member | June 22, 2014

I got flooring installed by end of the roll about a month ago. The owner overcharged me and sold way to many bags of floor patch and glue (almost double then needed) there installers were crude and vulgar and gave my wife an unsettling feeling during the installation. We weren't pleased with the installation and the owner basically told us too bad. I will never shop there again as long as I live. I suggest you don't either!

Buyer Beware

By: non-member | January 15, 2014

After having the owner of the store come to measure, the wrong amount of flooring was ordered and was "finished" much later than expected. The subfloor was put in improperly and the entire subfloor and flooring had to be re-done. Now, 5 months after we originally ordered the flooring, it is done. When going into the store to pay the remaining balance, the owner decides to tack on $500 to the final invoice, telling us he "lost" $1300 on our job. Make sure you keep records of all communication and know what you are agreeing to pay for.