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Efficient and friendly crew

By: bettybrown10 | October 24, 2014

I hired Superior Events to organize my fiancé's surprise birthday party. They have an excellent crew who are professional and efficient. The crew arrived early at the party venue and made sure everything was perfect.
Their staff is easygoing and friendly and always keeps a positive attitude. They made sure that everyone had a good time. With Superior Events I was able to enjoy the party without any worries. I would recommend Superior events to anyone wanting a organized and entertaining party.

Superior Events Group Inc.

185 Limestone Crescent North York, ON

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Stay away

By: non-member | July 7, 2014

Absolutely terrible installation of 1' x 2' vinyl tiles. They sent a two man crew, boss and helper, boss buggers off after about an hour of a two day job and helper does the whole install. To say that he didn't know what he was doing would be an understatement. I'd relate all the back and forth between myself and End of the Roll reps except you'd be reading for hours.
The way this outfit works is, they make you pay for half of the job up front which pays them (the store) for materials including mark-up. So, if the installers screw up the job and the customer complains and refuses to pay until it's done right they don't care. They've been paid, installers haven't, and the customer sits and waits eternally I guess. Business couldn't be better.
I suppose the only thing that will get their attention is a lawsuit. By the way, our installation was in Jan/14 and it's now July

terrible staff and installers

By: non-member | June 22, 2014

I got flooring installed by end of the roll about a month ago. The owner overcharged me and sold way to many bags of floor patch and glue (almost double then needed) there installers were crude and vulgar and gave my wife an unsettling feeling during the installation. We weren't pleased with the installation and the owner basically told us too bad. I will never shop there again as long as I live. I suggest you don't either!

Buyer Beware

By: non-member | January 15, 2014

After having the owner of the store come to measure, the wrong amount of flooring was ordered and was "finished" much later than expected. The subfloor was put in improperly and the entire subfloor and flooring had to be re-done. Now, 5 months after we originally ordered the flooring, it is done. When going into the store to pay the remaining balance, the owner decides to tack on $500 to the final invoice, telling us he "lost" $1300 on our job. Make sure you keep records of all communication and know what you are agreeing to pay for.

Manufacturers Carpet One

1069 Notre Dame Ave Winnipeg, MB

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By: non-member | September 25, 2013

DON'T waste your time with this company. It's been 1 month that I've been trying to get a proper quote from these people. It's one excuse after another and they don't reply to emails. They couldn't even tell me what their cost per square foot is after giving me a quote which was a lump sum amount. Did they pull the amount out of the air? Bill Leonard and Mike Cristalli should be fired.

Athens Rugs-Tapis Ltd

1365 Cyrville Rd Gloucester, ON

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New Carpet and Hardwood Installed

By: non-member | March 8, 2013

We needed to replace our old carpet in the house and decided to install hardwood on the main floor and carpet on the upper floor (bedrooms). We had Livingston carpets do our original house we owned 20+ years ago and found they were still around. They had good selections of carpet and hardwood and we were able to make our selections easily. The bedroom carpet went in first and the installers moved all the furniture and replaced it. We were very happy with this because we could not move much ourselves. Then the next day the hardwood was installed. The installers were very nice and courteous and worked hard. They trimmed some doors for us and didn't even charge us. All in all a great job. We were glad that the carpet and hardwood could be done close together so the installation didn't drag on.